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Google Analytics Consulting

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Very few businesses invest the resources to get the most from their online marketing efforts.  One of the quickest ways to multiply the value of your digital marketing is having a solid grasp of your digital analytics.  By minimising your wastage, focusing on your most valuable customers and streamlining your user experience you can increase the value of your website and delight your visitors.

Unfortunately, few people have the time, inclination or skills to make the most of their web analytics data.  While investing in traffic generation through SEO, SEM or Social Media Marketing or almost a requisite for businesses, very few invest the time or resources into understanding the true impact of their marketing efforts.

If you are looking to become a more effective digital marketer, I provide one-off analytics consulting support to client that are would like to:

  • Understand their visitors
  • Improve their user experience
  • Benchmark their analytics data
  • Increase their digital marketing efficiency
  • Undertake ad-hoc projects

If you’re interested in discussing your requirements, contact me using [email protected]